When you're looking for something special, it's nice to know where it comes from and who made it. 


My name is Jessica Goodenbury. Art has been an enduring passion for my entire life, and starting my own company has been the most natural and fulfilling thing in the world. 

Twelve years ago I was in the middle of pursuing a fine arts degree in the hopes of becoming an art teacher. My professors were always scolding me for working too small and detailed, and not on huge canvases with huge brushes and huge designs. When I took a job as a bench jeweler eleven years ago, I knew that this was the medium for me. It's perfect. Being able to combine my love for intense detail and sculpture into metal and wax carving has been incredible. 

After nearly a decade of working in the industry and making other people's designs, I finally made the leap to start this business and become fully self employed.  I love making jewelry, and I just can't seem to stop. So, feel free to benefit from my compulsion. I know I do.


Sculpting and wax work

Using special kinds of waxes that are specifically for jewelry making, I will carefully and painstakingly sculpt and carve my pieces. This is what the pieces look like before I bring them over to my local casting company so they can turn them into whatever metal I need. The technique is called lost wax casting, and it's an ancient and fascinating process. You can give it a read on Wikipedia if you're curious. 


Hand Fabrication

Sculpting the piece isn't always the best method, so I will often saw, grind, hammer, shape, and solder my pieces into being. This is a messy and exciting process. It's very satisfying looking back at a piece you created out of raw materials like wire and sheet metal.

If you want to see more process shots or pictures of what I'm currently working on, follow me on Instagram or Facebook!